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Monthly Archives: December 2016

About Touch Screen Displays

One of the first questions that might have arisen in your mind at this point might be – “Is touch screen technology really a millennial invention?” Astoundingly, this is a technology that has been around for more than 30 years! That’s right, it was the 1970s when touch screen monitors started to make their appearance in our tech and computing world. Although initially, these systems were reserved for advanced computing requirements like space technology and the like, slowly these started to appear in mass use through ATM screens and other similar devices.


Touch displays play the dual role of input as well as output devices. These monitors have been designed to provide a visual user interface and accept input data and signals on the screen panel when the user touches specific surface points on it. The operating system that runs any touch screen display also needs to be specially designed to ensure proper input formats for users. These screens have totally negated the use of computer peripheral devices such as keyboards and mouse. The screen itself is all that is needed for the computing unit to accept all kinds of inputs and present output data.


A touch screen display has three primary components that allow it to function: the touch sensor, the controller, and the software driver. The software driver is the application program that transcribes touch sensations into commands and communicates with the operating system installed on the computer. The controller is a PC card that connects the touch sensor to the PC. It is a small gadget that translates information from the touch sensor into information that is comprehensible to the PC.


Large touch screen monitors are used in a variety of applications today, far beyond the usual personal computing requirements. Advertising happens to be one of the most potent uses of this technology whereby companies can present audiences with an interactive touch interface to convey marketing messages. Such monitors are also used as digital signage and eve restaurant menus and purchase ordering systems in retail outlets. Touch technology is way more than ATM screens and smartphone input devices now. It is a power that can propel your business to the top.

Membrane Keyboard

Keyboards are not any ordinary equipment today. They are available everywhere. From your computers to your microwave, membrane keyboards or control panels have flooded the market. You all might know what a keyboard is, but to scrutinize and take your knowledge a step further, let us first know what a membrane keypad is and how it helps in getting the same yet effective results as an input device.
What Is a Membrane Keypad?
These keyboards are not products with separate parts. They are flat and flexible. You can consider them just like pressure pads where symbols are punched on its surface. Initially they were used only on security systems or appliances where much of typing wasn’t required. Today they have reached the heights of popularity and you can find them everywhere. Most of the appliances you use in your home have membrane keyboards like television, washing machine, refrigerators and so on.
How do they work?
If you are acquainted with a touch screen keypad then it is easy to understand. Membrane Keypads resembles touch screen keypads more closely for executing commands. It depends on an electrical contact in between the surface of the keypad and its underlying circuits for execution of the required service or command.
Are you searching for Membrane Keypads in Bulk?
Today for finding out most of the things or queries we use internet. You can easily discover various brands that provide membrane keypads in bulk for keyboards. Check before hand your requirements before placing an order. Meanwhile you can have a look at the best supplier of membrane keypads. Elecflex has the right solutions for your appliances at the best prices.
While you are searching for them, also make sure to check out their graphical representations. It helps you to analyze the product in a much better way. If you are ordering in bulk, let me assure you that Elecflex is a supplier of these keyboards which are manufactured in China. You can readily stay secure as China is the highest manufacturer of technology and supplies products all over the world.
What are the Benefits of Membrane Keyboards?
It is the most popular and cost effective solution for the controls of your appliance and offers a perfect tactile feedback. The domes are made out of gold plated or nickel plated stainless steel ensuring a long lifecycle. When you are looking to buy in bulk, you have the perfect customization options as well. By reducing a circuit layer and an adhesive layer, you can lower production cost without reducing quality.
With Elecflex you can get a variety of keyboards. The one I like the most is the touch-to-act solution. Unlike embossed here the top layer remains flat giving a premium outlook and finish. All membrane keypads work in low voltage loop and supplies momentary signals. For more detailed information, check out the graphical representation here.

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Things to Consider about Laptop Motherboard Repairs

Computers have been one of the most useful devices that humans have ever obtained. After the desktops, people now use laptops that are nothing but a compact computer system. They are lighter in weight and are portable. However, their compactness brings them some complications that an experienced computer engineer can handle. The laptops have a powerful motherboard that makes the system functional. It consists of all major or crucial components of the system. It is responsible for the smooth functioning of the laptop. These motherboards are very complicated, and they often show the tendency to go wrong. In such a situation, people must look for the best laptop motherboard repairs in if they are residing in the city.

Following are some of the things that you should keep in your mind while finding the best service for laptop motherboard repairs :

Authorized Service Centers should get the preference

You must agree to the fact that authorized service centers have the best facilities when it comes to repairing or replacing the laptop motherboards. Since they reserve the right to manufacture and deal in original components, therefore they can guarantee you the best product that you can rely on any possible ground. These service centers also give you special offers in the form of warranties.

Consider Experience

In case you failed to reach an authorize service center, then you should show your faith in other service providers in Mumbai. In such a situation, you must consider if the company has a commendable experience under its belt or not. You need to make sure that the company has quite a few satisfied customers as well.

Genuineness should never be compromised

You must consider getting the best quality of motherboard, and for that, you must insist on original motherboards that the manufacturers produce them for their systems. They might be slightly expensive, but you should never compromise quality due to price at any cost.


The Rack Mount Monitor Component

There are flat panel monitors that are designed to operate in quite harsh environments. Then there are CRT displays that undergo rigorous vibration tests before they are available for sale. The monitors also have high-contrast transflective monitors that are designed especially to be readable in extreme sunlight. There are circumstances when you would need monitors that are reliable and rugged and can easily be read under desert sunlight. The sunlight-readable monitors are perfect under such circumstances. The monitors are also made of stainless steel that is designed to protect against dust, windblown, corrosion, splashing water, external icing found in harsh artic environments and so on.

Here are some important facts about Rack Mount monitors that will help you to understand the benefits of such monitors.

  • The Rack Mount monitors come in different sizes and may range from 8.4′ to 24.0′. They even provide 16.7 million colors, fast response times that are suitable for live videos and wide viewing angles.
  • The monitors come with an external control panel that allows the user to adjust contrast, brightness, vertical position, horizontal position, size, tuning, image expansion on/off, individual RGB adjust, signal level, run-time counter and system information.
  • In order to provide for optimal space in work area they come with flip-up design which allows the computer to be visible when needed. It also gives the PC a stylish and innovative design to it.
  • Such monitors can support video resolutions that are as high as 1024 x 768 pixels to 1920 x 1200 pixels and it also depends on the size of the monitor.
  • Another advantage of these monitors is that they are designed to support LCD displays from a lot of manufacturers. Hence the user can make cost effective repairs and order parts from anywhere.
  • Rack mount monitors are user friendly as the monitor come in adjustable brackets which allow the user to adjust it as per their comfort zone.
  • Depending on the manufacturers as well as the atmosphere, the monitor can be customized with EMI/RFI shields, vandel shields, anti-reflective coatings, touch screens, power supplies, rack slides, power cables and more.
  • In addition to the above, a watertight sealed gasket is installed between the bezel and the display to protect the monitor’s electronics from liquids, dust and other debris. Also, polycarbonate or glass overlay can be added to the design so as to protect the LCD display.
  • Depending on the manufacturer, some of them offer engineering services to the customers who require customization for their devices so that they can meet their industrial, commercial and military requirements.