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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Common Computer Issues

Computer is a need of humans today. A person who knows the proper application of a computer will be considered a smart person today. But as a Computer is a machine and machines may have various issues associated with them. So, it is always challenging to maintain the proper working conditions of your computer. But in situations like:

# Sometimes the condition of Window failure or an Operating System failure, may arise a problem so computer repair is one of the key features involved. It has to be completely perfect.

# Computer Repair also means that all the license repairs and agreements must be properly verified. So, that there is no issue for the users. The main feature of making this option available was to provide comfort to the users. No user will want a bad working Operating system or a complete Hanging Machine.

One of the key options available is Laptop repair system. Laptop is a very smart machine and various issues are associated with them. So, Laptop Repair means that problems related to motherboard can be considered,License agreements and the hardware issues etc. So, the option of Laptop Repair for the users or customers provides them flexibility at the time of problems while using Laptops. Every problem related to a Laptop is welcomed by us. The other incentives such as Time required for solving the issues or other guarantee related issues are as termed by the product labels.

# A Laptop or a computer works properly when Operating system is working properly. So, the proper information about choosing the right steps to use a system should available.

# Proper Technical support is provided to deal with the user’s problem. All the users are given the complete information and advices to use the gadget. But in case of Technical failures, Technical support will be provided so that the user gets access to his machine as early as possible. His problem will be resolved as early as possible.

# Technical problems may involve cases such as System time period expires, License expires etc. And in such cases a proper solution to the problem will be available. computer repair

There are many options available for the users which can help them at the time of issues. This includes Fix my computer option, help option etc. Also PC support system is available. So, many of the problems can be solved by the user itself. But still offline help is available anytime. PC support helps in securing the system and also in ensuring the other input or output devices.

Tips to Install or Delete Fonts on Windows 10

Well, this is one of the important points to consider. You want a few great looking fonts. But where would you find them from? Don’t worry. We will present you guide on how to find fonts for your Windows 10 in the following paragraphs.

First of all, note that Windows 10 supports three types of fonts – TrueType Fonts, OpenType Fonts, and PostScript fonts. We have a few sites that specialize in fonts. You can search for your favorite fonts in those sites.

Google Fonts is one of the best sites of that nature. In fact, it remains to be our best bet when it comes to searching for a better font. The site offers you a huge list of fonts of different nature ( as explained above) and almost most of them are free. However, please note that the high end and modern fonts will cost you money. We promise you that it would be worth investing money, though.

Some other sites which help you in finding a couple of great fonts can be and Microsoft Typography site. Another site worth noticing is

How to Install a Font on Windows 10?

There are two major ways using which you can install a new font on your Windows 10 installation. You can use either of them –

Install a font using drag and drop method

  • Download your font from the font site or the fonts repository of your choice.
  • If the font file is available as a zip file, make sure you have unzipped, extracted and saved it in any folder of your choice.

saved it in any folder of your choice.

  • Type in Fonts in the search box, or in the Cortana search box.
  • Click on the Fonts icon in the control panel to open the Fonts folder. Minimize the window.


  • Open the folder in which you have saved the font file you just downloaded.
  • Just drag the fonts you downloaded and drop them into the Fonts Folder.
  • The fonts will be automatically installed.

Install a font directly

  • Make sure you have downloaded the font in any of your desired folders.
  • Open the font file. If the font file is in the zip format, you will need to unzip the same.
  • Once the front is open, click on Install button. The button should be besif=de the Print button.

That does it! You have successfully installed the new font on your Windows 10 system.

How to remove a font from Windows 10?

Deleting a font from your system is as easy as installing a new font. The steps involved are almost similar.

  • Head on to the fonts folder on your control panel. You can get in there by following the options as indicated above.
  • Choose the font you would want to delete. If the font you want to delete belongs to a font family, and you want to delete only one of them, you may need to open the fonts family folder to get to the desired font.
  • Click on Delete. Alternatively, you can right-click on the font file you want to delete and choose Delete.
  • You will be presented with a confirmation dialog box. Confirm your action by clicking on the appropriate button.

You have successfully deleted a font from your Windows 10.

How would you modify the fonts on Windows 10?

Windows 10 lets you customize the way your fonts are presented to you in the course of action.

  • Get into the Fonts folder as described above.
  • Click on Change Font size.
  • In the next screen, you will be asked to specify or change the size of the font according to certain attributes you want the font to be presented as.


Embedded PCs

An embedded PC is an exceptional system in which the PC is totally typified by the gadget it controls. Not at all like a broadly useful PC, for example, a PC, an embedded system performs pre-characterized errands, for the most part with particular prerequisites. Since the framework is devoted to a particular task, its designers can streamline it, lessening the size and cost of the item. Embedded PCs are regularly mass-created, so the cost investment funds might be increased by a huge number of things.

A few common examples of embedded PCs incorporate ATMs, phones, printers, indoor regulators, calculators, and video game reassures. Handheld PCs or PDAs are additionally viewed as embedded gadgets due to the way of their equipment configuration, despite the fact that they are more expandable in programming terms. Much the same as common PCs, embedded PCs have the basic segments namelythe central processing unit, Random access memory, read-only memory, yield gadgets, input gadgets and a clock. Be that as it may, dissimilar to PCs for general purposes, a dedicated PC has lesser requests for hardware, for example, expansion of memory and storage room. Because of expanded rivalry, numerous PC organizations are progressively wandering into the consumer electronics.

Advantages of Embedded PCs

Small Size

Since embedded PCs are application particular, the specially crafted framework will have just the important parts and thus essentially smaller than a general PC.

Reduced cost

The framework has lesser number of segments when contrasted with a general purpose PC, so it slowly gets to be distinctly less expensive, in most of the times.


Little size means versatility. A considerable measure of embedded PCs we utilize keep running on battery and can be conveyed in a pocket. E.g; number cruncher, advanced watch and so forth.

Real time response

Embedded PCs are additionally called real-time systems, where the reaction to the outer occasion has a hard limit for execution. Subsequently, they are better for applications where the reaction to an outer occasion is basic. E.g: Deploying airbags inside an auto after the impact.

Disadvantages of Embedded PCs

Every gadget or technology in this world does comprise of some disadvantages as well, some disadvantages of PCs are:

Not so easy to reconfigure or change

Once an embedded system is shipped (or settled), it will be hard to change its design – both its equipment and programming. Remote upgrade of programming is conceivable given the ability is incorporated. Subsequently, the appropriate analysis of requirement is an absolute necessity before the deployment. Equipment arrangement change will be much trickier which may require existing sheets be totally supplanted.

Scalability issues

Since it is hard to change the arrangement, an embedded framework can’t be effortlessly scaled up as request/extension changes. Said as much, planted PCs can be intended to scale up, for instance, utilizing development ports or systems administration and so forth. This implies it must be chosen in advance, while the plan is being assembled.

Some Differences between General purpose PCs and Embedded PCs

  • A general purpose PC, for instance, our PCs are utilized for various tasks.
  • Embedded Computer can just work on a particular errand.
  • General PCs can work at various tasks while running distinctive application programming.
  • This is not the situation with implanted PC. They are customized for specific usefulness.


Tips to Fix Computer Screen Freezes

A simple settle for PC screen stops is just to utilize fewer projects at one time. If your PC screens freezes, on the grounds that you are utilizing ten projects at the same time, the solution is to quit running such a large number of projects or introduce some more RAM.

In case you’re one who finds your PC “freezing up” despite the fact that you’re not working various projects, then there is significantly more trouble and unpredictability to your reply. If you are facing freezing problems then to stop hindrances in your working you need to Fix Computer Screen issues randomly. Now and then the most widely recognized reason for a PC freezing up is that the Windows registry has documents that get to be distinctly adulterated.

An amazingly basic and sensitive part of your PC is the Windows registry. It can store information to naturally run the majority of your product and in addition equipment. Glitches with a PC’s registry increment with the age of thecomputer. Tidy up of registry issues, keeps your PC running quick and free of mistake professional clients can physically settle the registry, however this practice is not the greater part of PC clients. Going in and changing system registry settings puts you at danger of destroying your PC. The best registry cleaners move down your settings to start with, then output for issues, like the way an infection scanner works. This will give you a rundown of issues it has found and gives you a chance to pick what to have settled without even a moment’s pause.

Tragically the Windows registry cannot be settled with an inward component. That is the reason you have to introduce a registry cleaner. It’s the same as taking your auto to the shop to be settled – a registry cleaner will keep your computer running easily.

There are various types of registry cleaners available. An extra component is a streamlining program that permits critical increments in the speed of your PC. Try it out and do a free output underneath.

Is it true that you are becoming weary of your PC continually bolting up? It is safe to say that you are searching for a basic approach to dispose of those PC mistakes? Utilize the #1 registry cleaner on the Internet for a free sweep of your PC to determine degenerate registry passages.


Guide to Installing an Epson Printer Without an Installation Disk

# First, you simply need to plug the printer into the PC via USB. Well, approximately there are few modern printers that are easily connected to the PC without an installation disk. Next, you are required to plug the Epson printer into the PC via USB and wait until the driver is installed automatically.

Next, it is essential for users to be connected to the internet for the Epson Printer driver installation process.

# Manually go ahead with the driver installation process: If the Epson printers’ plug and the drivers don’t install automatically, then it is recommended to manually search for the printer and start installing it.

Users working with Windows should open the Control Panel and then within that click on the “Devices and Printers” option. Next, tap on the “Add a printer” option and Windows will automatically start searching for the printer. As guided by Epson printer technical support phone number 1-800-213-8289 section, select your choice printer from the given list to start the installation process smoothly.

Users not able to manually install the Epson printer are advised to download and install the printer-specific drivers from the manufacturer itself.

# Downloading of printer-specific drivers: While you are operating on system drivers, it will generally provide people with their choice printer’s basic and advanced functionalities like scanning process with only the printer-specific drivers.

Carefully note down the Epson printers’ manufacturing date and model: The printer model will typically visible on the front side of the Epson printer which will help users in finding the correct driver.

Next, get access to the support section of the manufacturer’s website to search for your printer model.

Make sure that you are downloading the correct driver for the specific operating system.

Downloading of drivers on other PC :

It is essential for users to be connected with the internet connection as downloading of drivers on another computer and copying them onto a USB flash drive is required. Most of the drivers are less than 200 MB in size which means that most of the flash drives will work.

Having the best track record of the highest success rate in identify customer’s issues related to Epson and solve those instantly with successful results, we are chosen as one of the fastest growing service for delivering Epson printer customer support to users. So, if anyone among you is searching for the best and highly advanced Epson support services who can resolve issues like installation problems, driver related issues, connecting the Epson printer and many more are there, then we are the right choice for you people.